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Plant cards with a graphic motif are greeting cards made from recycled paper that contains flower seeds. The graphic motif shows the seeds that have been mixed into the paper. So, the card featuring the thyme motif contains thyme seeds. After the recipient has read the greeting s/he can plant the card. The seeds grow into beautiful, wild flowers or herbs, giving your greeting extra life.


Plant cards with a graphic motif are beautiful greeting cards, featuring graphic motifs of the seeds the cards contain. The cards with graphic motifs come in 5 different versions: wild flowers, thyme, basil, dill or parsley. So, quite simply, if you plant a card featuring the basil motif, then it will grow into basil.


The graphic motifs were designed by Sarah Green, a graphic designer and photographer. The cards are simple in style, so can be given to both genders and all age groups, and for all sorts of occasions.

Dimensions 14.8 × 10.5 cm

Wildflower, Dild, Timian, Basilikum, Persille


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