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Plant cards for all occasions are greetings cards made from recycled paper that contains flower seeds. The illustrations are suitable for all genders, ages and occasions. After the recipient has read the greeting s/he can plant the card. The seeds grow into beautiful, wild flowers, giving your greeting extra life.


Plant cards for all occasions are beautiful greeting cards with illustrations to suit most occasions, genders and ages. The illustrations were designed by Oktober Storm.


A plant card is a special type of greeting card. The card is made from paper scraps collected from the local community and mixed to create new paper. Most of the paper collected is already recycled paper material. We add flower seeds to the paper mixture, so the finished paper contains flower seeds.


Once the recipient of the card has read your greeting, s/he can tear it into pieces and plant it in a pot or directly in the soil. Shortly afterwards, your card will sprout and produce lovely wild flowers. Your greeting takes on a new dimension and the plant will remind the recipient of your greeting.


The card is made of recycled paper with a thick, yet slightly granulated surface due to the seeds. The cards are printed using water-based colour, and the organic dyes degrade easily. The plant card is A6 size and comes with a brown envelope (75% recycled paper and 25% twigs) with rubberised closure.



  • The plant cards are made from recycled paper. That means they reduce the use of trees in paper production, instead recycling resources that already exist.
  • The card acquires extra meaning and dimension. Once the flowers bloom, they will remind the recipient of the greeting associated with the card.
  • If you plant the card outdoors, the flowers can help the bees and other insects do their important job on behalf of nature.


Oktober Storm designed the illustrations for the beautiful cards. The illustrations evoke nature and are perfect for both men and women and just about any occasion. See more of Oktober Storm’s illustrations on our cute greeting cards for children here.



  1. Fill the pot with soil, so there is room for an extra 2-3 cm on top. You can also plant the card in a flowerbed, digging a 2-3-cm hole.
  2. Place the card in the soil. If you wish, you can rip it into pieces and scatter the pieces.
  3. Cover the card with about 2-3 cm of soil.
  4. Water well.
  5. Make sure the soil is constantly moist for about the first 10 days. The seeds cannot germinate if the paper does not dissolve. But be careful not to overwater.
  6. Once the seeds germinate, you should water them between once and three times a week and given plenty of sun.


Flower Seeds

Birds Eye – annual

Clarkia – annual

Black Eyed Susan – perennial

Catchfly – annual

Snapdragon – annual

Sweet Alyssum – annual


All seeds in the plant cards are NON-GMO


The seeds in the plant cards do not tolerate frost. Outdoors, the best conditions are from March to September, but they can be planted all year round indoors in a sunny location.


The plant cards are manufactured by a family-run company in Canada.

Dimensions 14.8 × 10.5 cm

Blå blomst, Lilla blomst, Vandmand, Humlebi


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