Sustainable Shaving

Environmentally friendly products for a perfect shave. Rethink your shaving with a high-quality safety razor and fabulous handmade shaving soap with nurturing, nourishing ingredients.

Replace your disposable razor with a


Say goodbye to expensive shaver heads and plastic.

Say hello to your new safety razor.



Why use solid


A bar of soap contains natural ingredients, no plastic packaging
and is free of parabens
and SLS.


Omtænk Plant Cards

Greeting cards with an extra dimension. Once the recipient has read the card, it can give, and be given extra life. Once planted, the card will remind the recipient of the fond greeting.

Give a little bit extra with a

plant card

Give your greeting extra life with a plant card that transforms into flowers or herbs.


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Omtænk is a Danish brand whose top priorities are quality, aesthetics and sustainability. Omtænk (Danish for ‘rethink’) is based on the idea that we all need to rethink the things we use and our everyday habits and come up with more sustainable alternatives. Omtænk aims to make consumers aware that sustainability can be luxurious and provide well-being, while also benefiting nature and the environment. Omtænk products are top quality and show consideration for nature’s resources. The products are made from materials that can be recycled or are biodegradable. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see more about Omtænk and our products.